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TechShu Marketing Digest - October 2018

This curated list includes important updates and insights from the month of October. To stay updated on the latest updates from the digital landscape, read our Digital Marketing Apple Page.

Digital Advertisement

  • Advertisers on Google Ads Store can now better understand how many store visits come from new or repeat customers. Read more here
  • AdSense users will have to submit all new websites to a verification process. Read more here 
  • CPM Bidding is available on the Quora Ads platform. Read more here
  • Advertisers can do profile targeting that leverages LinkedIn data for search campaigns on the Bing Ads platform. Read more  here
  • Bing Ads let advertisers make better business decisions based on time of ad clicks. The announcement read

What’s changing?
1.  Conversions will now be reported based on the time of the ad click that led to the conversion.
2.  Assists will now be reported based on the time of the ad click that contributed to a conversion.

  • Facebook introduces Facebook Attribution. The announcement read

Facebook Attribution helps you measure the impact of your ads across the Facebook family of apps and services and across publishers. For example, using the new data-driven attribution model, you can see how your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger are contributing to incremental business results compared to if you were not running ads. And to gain a better understanding of your audience’s digital journey, you can use cross-device reporting to learn the device your customers engaged with your ads on as well as where they converted.

  • Facebook launches retention optimization for all advertisers worldwide. Read more here
  • Facebook takes aim at low-quality ads on Facebook. The announcement read

Our Advertising Policies include restrictions on ads with low-quality or disruptive content. These ads typically have some of the below characteristics:

Engagement bait: Ads with spammy content asking people to engage with it in specific ways, such as requesting likes, comments and shares.

Withholding information: Ads that purposefully withhold information to entice people to click in order to understand the full context.

Sensationalized language: Ads that use exaggerated headlines or command a reaction from people but don't deliver on the landing page

  • YouTube changes the attribution criteria for TrueView for action video ads. Here's what the announcement read 

Our system will now count an ‘Engagement’ whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or more of your TrueView for action ad using maximize conversions or target CPA bidding. 
By default,  a ‘Conversion’ will be counted when a user takes action on your ad within 3 days of an ‘Engagement.’ You can ask your Google team to customize this time frame if you prefer an alternative.  
For users who click your ad, we’ll still attribute conversions according to the conversion window you have set (the default is 30 days).

  • Bing Ads to now support Language Targeting at the campaign level. Read more here

Social Media

  • Facebook Adds Page and Business Recommendations to Groups. Read more here
  • Facebook rolls out Messenger 4 with new features. The announcement  read 

Your conversations — both one-to-one and groups — are front and center in the Chats tab. For hundreds of millions of people every day who share pictures and videos, Messenger 4 will have visual communication features like Camera at the top so you can easily capture and share your selfies. Once you tap into Messenger 4’s People tab, you can find friends, catch up on people’s Stories, and see everyone who is active right now. Then you have the Discover tab, where you can connect with businesses to get the latest deals, play Instant Games, book your next vacation, follow the news and more.

  • Facebook launches Premieres to all Pages. The announcement read 

Today, we're announcing the global launch of Premieres, a new interactive video format that lets publishers and creators release a prerecorded video as a live moment. Interactive video polls are also gradually being rolled out and we're making our Top Fans product available to all eligible Pages globally.


  • Google adds new 'Follow' feature for businesses in Google Maps. Read more here
  • Google Lens feature now within Google Image Search results. The announcement read 

Starting today, when you see something in an image that you want to know more about, like a landmark in a travel photo or wallpaper in a stylish room, you can use Lens to explore within the image.  Lens in Google Images identifies things within an image you might want to learn about, and shows you similar ones. When you press the Lens button in Google Images, dots will appear on objects you can learn more about. Lens in Google Images can also make it easier to find and buy things you like online. For example, you might come to Google Images looking for ideas to redecorate your living room. During your search, you come across a couch you like in an image, but you may not know what style it is or where to buy it. All you need to do is press the Lens button, then either tap on a dot on the couch, or draw around it, and Google Images will show you related information and images. From there, you can learn more about it, or find places where you might be able to buy a similar couch.

  • Users can now delete their search activity. The announcement read 

Without ever leaving Search, you can now review and delete your recent Search activity, get quick access to the most relevant privacy controls in your Google Account, and learn more about how Search works with your data.

  • Google updates Shopping Insights for product search data and trends. Read more here


  • 2 in 5 consumers swear they won’t purchase from a brand again if they receive irrelevant marketing materials : Consumer Experience Study. Download here
  • Only 13% of businesses orchestrate customer journeys at scale: Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: Thunderhead. Download here