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Job & Career come after Life at Techshu - Let us create balanced perfection

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If you are into Digital Marketing and happen to be in Kolkata, You must be in Techshu!

It's one life, do something you love and more importantly be with a team that shares the same passion as you.

You spend more than half of your life in the office, it should be something that makes you happy. There is a DNA for each company and there is DNA of each person, it should match to stay happy. It's not easy but its not impossible, we aim to create a balanced perfection. And, lets be honest, work is a bit of pressure and stress but when you have a purpose, and a team that enjoys with you, the pressure is called Eustress.

Let's get Eustressed! It is only possible when you have many passionate minds working together!

The word eustress consists of two parts. The prefix eu- derives from the Greek word meaning either "well" or "good." When attached to the word stress, it literally means "good stress".Eustress occurs when the gap between what one has and what one wants is slightly pushed, but not overwhelmed. The goal is not too far out of reach but is still slightly more than one can handle. This fosters challenge and motivation since the goal is in sight. The function of challenge is to motivate a person toward improvement and a goal. Challenge is an opportunity-related emotion that allows people to achieve unmet goals. Eustress is indicated by hope and active engagement. Eustress has a significantly positive correlation with life satisfaction and hope.

Our Only Goal:

  • Digital Success (We understand digital/web better. We want to make sure every company/person who gets associated with Techshu, no matter for what period should get digital success).
  • Techshu === Digital Success (Thats it).
  • If you are not passionate about creating digital success, you will not survive in Techshu as we are very highly accountable company and track success every week. If you are passionate, we have everything in place to help you create greater ROI.


Our DNA:

  • "The words we use makes our world": We don't want to use the word customers, we want to use the word partners (still getting into practice). And, we don't use the word employees, we use team members. It seems silly but the easiest method of changing the way we think is by changing our language.
  • "Thoughts become words" ROI for clients is top priority, one of the metrics which is tracked every Tuesday. This is the sole purpose of our existence. Empathy for customers partners is probably the single most important difference between a good hacker and a great one. Some hackers are quite smart, but when it comes to empathy are practically solipsists. It's hard for such people to design great software, because they can't see things from the user's point of view.
  • Respect for everyone, nothing else matters, designation, experience, nothing matters, everyone demands and deserves respect.
  • Hard work - If you don't believe in it, you won't be able to survive here as there is no alternative for hard work, even smart people work hard :).
  • 20% work to produce 80% returns, always work for the task that is of top most priority and will create bigger difference.
  • Innovation is respected and we understand what innovation means, its not about something big, its about every small change that has big impact. At all levels we respect innovation.
  • Failure is not a problem as long as the logic and commitment behind it is justified.
  • Logic is not always needed, we respect gut feelings. We respect when someone takes a decision on gut feel, we believe only owners do such things and at Techshu everyone is an owner.
  • We are either in or out. When we see someone not happy, we go and talk to the person but we don't keep unhappy people, its not good for them nor good for others. It's a collective responsibility, its not between company and people, its always between a person and people. Being the captain of the ship, leaders can't allow someone to dig a hole in the ship.
  • We are a startup, we will remain startup from spirit, we will keep our entrepreneural culture along with improving our execution dicipline.

We are into Digital Marketing; we have an in-house Mobi Tech Team as well. We are always on the lookout for creative and passionate people who are always eager to learn new things and implement accordingly. At TechShu it’s less about job than it's about learning and web innovations. Take a look at Life at TechShu to know how we work, and how we have fun! 

TechShuians are not afraid to take big challenges and we pride ourselves on seeing them through. In fact, we thrive on challenges. The challenges you will encounter here will be a bit different! You’ll be challenged to find or innovate workable solutions for your clients.  At TechShu you will be encouraged at every step to look outside your comfort zone. Getting new ideas, finding an improved operating model, to spot the unexploited segment and how to tap it, how to optimize results with the available resources – these are not difficult things to do. Looking at things with fresh eyes is all it takes to do them. We pride ourselves in creating a work environment that is rooted in values like reciprocity, honesty and open communication.

At TechShu you won't see people undermining others; it’s a close knit team of supportive thinkers and doers. It’s the Techshuian culture where people are more than willing to share every bit of knowledge they have acquired and try to bring out the very best in others.

Write a mail to to get in touch with us. Also visit TechShu Careers on Facebook to get regular job alerts.


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