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Reputation Management

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Reputation Management Report

Reputation management tells you awhat is going on in the market, what people are talking about you. But to present this data you need a clear format which at a glance can be seen and unsterstood that what your business is headed for. Most of the time people are concerned about negative comments about their business and they mainly work on this. 

What to Expect from the Report

The main thing you want to kow how many negative, positive or neutral comments are there about your business. The other thng you would ike to know is details of each negative, positive and neutral comment.

Example of Our Reputation Management Report

Reputation Management Report : This report is very simple and easy to understand. The main purpose is to tell you what is going on, so this reports has been kept in uch a format so that at a glance you can understand what is happening about your business among people.

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