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SEO Reports

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SEO Reports

Reporting is a major part of work. At times it should be avoided but in major cases reporting is for good. We will cover different aspects of reporting here.

What a good SEO report should cover?

A good SEO report should cover

  1. What is done till now
  2. What is the progress
  3. What is the growth and value or ROI

So to understand what is done till now you need to have an idea what are we supposed to do in the whole month or any other time period. So we ned a monthly plan for SEO which will give you a proper plan to work on. To know what is the progress and growth we need to have a monthly reports with parameters like traffic growth, keyword ranking improvement, activities that we have donea and lastly the value or ROI of those whole activities.

Some Examples of SEO reports that we create:

Some examples of reports that we create for our clients are shown below

  • Monthly Plans : This reportwill give a general idea of the channels that we will be using, activities that we will be doing. But this report does not contain all the details since this report is to give the impression of the broader picture. For target on each channels of details of work we have another report named master plan.
  • Master Plan : In this master plan every single detail is mentioned starting from SWOT analysis to targets, from Goals and process to plan and weekly, monthly tasks, in one word this is a master plan which covers everything.
  • Then we come to more details to each work, which starts from
    • Keyword Analysis : Keyword analysis is the most important thing before starting any project and this has to be perfect, otherwise whole project can go wrong.
    • Onpage Work : What are we doing in onpage SEO, this is the one and only thing we cover in this report.
    • Link Report : This report covers how many link have we got, what are their quality etc.
  • Then again we have monthly main reports which are
    • Monthly Reports : This reports covers all the channels that we have covered, not in an detailed format but in a simpler format.
    • Traffic Reports : Traffic reports is mainly concerned with the Traffic of the webite and the growth(positive or negative) of the website.
    • Performance Reports : Performance report is a kind of dashboead which gives you an idea where do we stand at a glance.
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