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Social Media Marketing

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In Social Media the demand or the objective is slightly different. Here you are not concerned about sales (if you are not talking about ads), here you are mainly concerned about your branding, your social reach, in one word here you are concerned about engagement and increase you fanbase.

What do you want to measure in Social Media

Considering social media ads and engagement activities, here you want to measure

  1. How many people are talking about you, how large is your fanbase and improvement
  2. What have you spent in ads and what is the output

You don't actually want to measure what are the activities done in that period since your ultimate goal is to measure the engagement. Higher the activities better will be engagement.

Some Examples of our Social Media Reports

Social Media Monthly Report : Focusing on the social media objectives we only have one report for social media which solves all that you want to measure. It is simple, it is detailed and it is effective.



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