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W3C compliance Errors - Who should do it?

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Question: "I spoke to the company hosting my website about W3C compliance, I was told that this particular matter is to be looked at by the SEO company dealing with my website. I need you to look into why my website is failing the W3C compliance test."

Answer: SEO company can point out the mistakes and can explain on how it impacts the ranking. Also the company can explain the effect on user experience. In order to make it W3C validated, one will have to change the HTML (and backend code like PHP at times, as some of the code might be rendering from the programming langugage). Thus it should be taken care by the company that developed the CMS/Website. Ideally the development company should have taken care of W3C validation during the development but it is not something what is valued much by developers or clients as it increases the cost of development.

Can SEO company do that? Yes, if they have the technical team (at Techshu we do have a dedicated technical team to help with all technical work). It will either cost extra or it should be adjusted from the monthly fee. Adjusting from monthly fee is not recommended as it will affect the performance growth. In case if you want SEO team to take care of it, please allocate extra budget for it.

For every business, we suggest to shift to a very standardize website which is followed by someone. You need to follow up to improve it every day. At Techshu we are committing ourselves to put a very standardize CMS which will have everything in it http://techshu.com/mobi-tech/seo-friendly-cms, even Techshu.com is using the same website so that we can create something which is of great value for all.

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