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Link Building Strategy

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What should be the ideal link building process for your business?

Natural Links -
1.    Naturally, people are linking to website (The best links) – Highest quality, website should become really useful and people should talk about it. Toughest Way to get Links

a.    How can we make this happen?
i.    Generate worthy content
ii.    Create infographic
iii.    Create useful tools
iv.    Organize online competition
v.    Organize event
vi.    Create how to Videos
vii.    Free Ebook
viii.    Many more option will be implemented according to website feature.

Manual Link Building (Link Deals)– (Asking other webmasters and offering them something): Trading
2.    Introducing and asking people to talk about my website (very good links)
a.    Build relationship with blogger/industry professionals

3.    Give them something in return (Link deals)
a.    Link for a link
b.    Money for link
c.    Sample products for link
d.    Offer Free subscriptions for link
e.    Offer Free industry magazine for link
f.    Provide Partnership badges with link
g.    Free t-shirt for link or blog post or reviews
h.    Create Infographic for link
i.    Link submission to Wikipedia
j.    Content for link
i.    Article for link (Guest Post)

Self Created Links – Links by Submissions
4.    Forum/Yahoo answer posting
5.    Blog Commenting on related blogs
6.    Submission (Business/Website) – Business listing, Directories - This can also bring good leads and sales)
a.    Country Wise (Check List)
b.    Niche Directory Submission
7.    Article Submission
8.    Blog Directory Submission (Check list)
9.    News/Press Release Submission (Check list)
10.    Review Submission
11.    Profile Creation (Check List)
12.    Classified Submission
13.    Event Submission (Check List)
14.    RSS Submission (Check List)

Focus points:
1. Anchor Text Variations
2. Domain Variations
3. High Quality links (Looks natural to search engines)
4. Quality and informative Content generation
5. No more Bulk social bookmarking, instead of that we will do quality 2nd tier submission
6. Relationship with bloggers and thus network.

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