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Having multiple domains or single domains for SEO Ranking

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Question: Should we have one domain or should we create multiple domains for different keywords for better ranking? Is there a penalty for creating multiple domains?

Answer: Its not exactly penalizing, its about if the website is of low in content, Google will not value it much, also branded domains are way to go for long run http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2214115/Google-Warns-of-Upcoming-Exact-Match-Domain-Algorithm-Change


The Pros and cons of multiple domains:

  1. It may be relatively easy to rank for some keywords and you get some traffic as well. Our domain jquery domain is ranking well, giving us traffic and leads as well.
  2.  Sometimes it makes sense to have a different website to focus towards it, you may also be liked by some users as well.


  • It will become difficult to maintain so many domains.
  • Also at some point in time, Google will add more value to domain value (number of pages and links to the overall domain vs to the page). As thats more logical.
  • For information it is ok but for sales, you might have to add a lot of pages to build the trust. It may add up your cost and will also result in additional maintenance costing.
  • For bigger keywords you are dividing your strength across different domains, you will not be able to rank for bigger keywords. It is easy to rank for SEO questionnaire but if we need to rank for keywords like seo company, then we need all sections to be there on Techshu.com
  • Also to improve ranking, you need to add more content. If you are adding it on multiple domains, it is subdividing your strength across different domains.

When do we suggest going for multi domains for SEO?

We generally don't suggest going for multiple domains but in certain cases we do recommend multi domains where we want to do less of investment and want to see some keywords rank which can bring in  significant traffic and business. Even in case of Techshu, we have added 5 to 10 domains to support our sales, we have not added it for long term but to support our short term. We don't invest much on it, we create domain, add content and add limited backlinks. We also have an inhouse tool to check available domains for high search keywords. This is how we decided for jquerygraph.com http://community.techshu.com/forum/topics/bought-a-new-domain-http-www-jquerygraph-com
Single domain or multi domain for SEO

Is exact domain still working for ranking?

In long run not sure.about it as it may go down.
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